Charge Conference Forms

Charge Conference season is here!

We give thanks for the ways that God is working in and through our local faith communities as together we live into our vision: the West Virginia Conference is a Christ-led, spiritual breath of fresh air that changes the world!

Below you will find Charge Conference Forms, instructions and reports for Single Church and Multi-Church charges.

Simpson Memorial UMC joins the Race for Racism in Charleston!

You can also submit your Charge Conference Forms and update your Nominations (Church Leadership) online. Watch for emails with links and instructions! On the right is also an overview of the Church Dashboard (where you can update your church and charge leadership) and the FormVite (where you can upload your Charge Conference documents).

2023 Instructions - General
2023 Check List
2023 Attendance List
2023 -01A Charge Conference Report
2023 -02 Pastor Report
2023 -02B Administrative Council Board Report
2023 -03 Recommendations for Ministry
2023 -04a Certified Lay Servant Report
2023 -04b Lay Speaker Annual Report
2023 -04c CLM Annual Report
2023 -04d Deacon Annual Report
2023 -04e Extension Ministry Annual Report
2023 -05 Service Schedule - incorporated into the Pastor Report
2023 -06A Salary Worksheet 2024
2023 -06A Clergy or Assigned Supply Compensation Instructions
2023 -06B Assigned Supply Salary Worksheet 2024
2023 -06 Instructions for 2024 Pension Contributions
2023 -2024 Conference Health Insurance Rates
2023-2024 HealthFlex Participant Premium Calculator
2024 Health Insurance Support Grant Application
2023 -07 Accountable Reimbursement Policy
2023 -07 Accountable reimbursement proper & improper
2023 -08 Medical Reimbursement Policy
2023 -10 Nominations - Station Church Officers - Excel File
2023 -10 Nominations - Station Church Officers - PDF File
     *the Excel file and PDF are the same form, just different formats
2023 -10 Nominations Forms Instructions
2023 -11 Parsonage Inspection
2023 -13 Church Trustees Committee Report
2023 United Methodist Church Minimum Insurance Requirements
2023 -14 Finance Committee Report
2023 -16 Certificate of Election of Trustees
2023 Retired Pastors Report
2023 Supplemental Info - Internal Accounting Controls
2023 - 2024 Fair Share Calculation Explanation
2023 - 2024 Fair Share Breakdown 
2023 - 2024 Opportunities for Ministry