Church Self-Study

The Local Church Self-Study is a tool designed to aid a church in better understanding where the congregation has been, where they are now, and where God is calling them to go as a ministry.

Churches of all sizes, types, locations, and styles can benefit from using this resource. We encourage you to make the investment in your ministry to gain a more complete picture of your history, your current situation, so that you are more equipped to discern God’s preferred future.

This process is intended for:

  • Congregations who feel “stuck” – not sure what they need to do next.
  • Leaders who are interested in a vision process for their church to discern where God is calling them.
  • Churches where the community around them has changed and they are feeling called to do something new.
  • Congregations wanting to start a new life cycle.
  • Churches wanting to reach the ONE. (see Luke 15:3-7)
  • Your church . . .

Many people in a congregation feel that they already know all about their church and their community. This tool is designed to give you a more comprehensive picture of both.

There are eight main steps in this process, we encourage you to complete each step as listed:

Step One – download the Word document HERE

Step Two – read through the entire document

Step Three – pray about who in your church should join you on this journey by being part of the team

Step Four – share with your church’s leadership team what you are embarking on with this tool—and why

Step Five – as a team, complete all sections of the document up through item #82 on page 17

Step Six – share all the information with your church’s leadership team, give them time to process, schedule a time together to discuss

Step Seven – meet with the church’s leaders and answer the questions on page 18

Step Eight – spend time in prayer and discernment on the next steps for your congregation, see page 19

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