General Conference

The next General Conference of The United Methodist Church will take place in Charlotte, North Carolina April 23-May 3, 2024. For now, we are called to wait on the Lord!

As we have done with previous postponements of the General Conference, the churches and the faithful people of the West Virginia Conference will continue to focus on the mission and ministry of Christ!

The biblical mandate for the Church is to share the good news of Christ. To reach people with the saving knowledge of Christ.  To make disciples of Christ. To feed, shelter, clothe, visit, weep with those who weep, rejoice with those who rejoice, and to do all of this offering and making known the praise, the joy, the worship, and the transforming power of Jesus Christ!

-Bishop Sandra Steiner Ball


To learn more about how General Conference works, check out these resources:

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Frequently Asked Questions


WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO BE A DELEGATE? Delegates are not representatives. That is, they are not sent to “represent” the views of their conference, local church or any particular constituency. The annual conference "delegates" authority to each person elected to vote their conscience, as moved by the Holy Spirit, about the matters before them. Delegates are to cast their votes based on what they believe is best for the life and witness of the entirety of The United Methodist Church worldwide and its related ministries.

We will be holding regional prayer gatherings for General Conference.  Learn more here.

To communicate with our West Virginia Conference delegation for General Conference, please follow this link.

Members of the General Conference Delegation selected by the West Virginia Annual Conference include:

Amy Shanholtzer
Judi Kenaston
Jeff Taylor
Rich Shaffer
Lauren Godwin
Rachel Fulton
Mike Estep
Kristi Wilkerson
Joe Hill
Judy Raines
Joe Kenaston
Kim Matthews