Helpful Resources for the Local Church

Whether you're a pastor or a lay person
here are some helpful resources
to help your local church with
worship prep, stewardship,
small group studies,
church communications
and more! 

While is the website for the general church, is designed specifically for church leaders!

Visit often to find tools you may use in all facets of ministry.

Have a question about the UMC or local churches in general?

Did you know there is a place you can go for answers? Follow this link for Ask The UMC! 

Ministry Matters offers helpful articles for churches of all sizes as well as worship resources and helpful hints for ministry with children and youth. provides both community and inspiration to Christian leaders. While a significant portion of the website is free, there is also a subscription service. 

UMC Discipleship offers FREE worship planning resources - lectionary based, an online version of the Book of Worship AND free music downloads (both accompaniment and special music).

Need inspiration for a stewardship or mission moment? An offertory prayer or perhaps additional resources to celebrate one of the 6 Special Sundays in the United Methodist year? Visit UMC Giving for more details!

If your small group or local church wants to learn more about what it means to be a United Methodist - you might want to order copies of these free print resources, from UMC Giving. 

The 2017-2020 Quadrennium Church Handbook is available as a free pdf download!


Chuck Knows Church makes learning about church-y stuff fun! With dozens of episodes covering topics from Narthex to the Lord's Prayer, in his winsome way Chuck helps us all learn about life as a follower of Christ and United Methodist.

Feel free to download episodes, or share directly to your church Facebook page!.