Our West Virginia Conference ministry work at New Vision Depot continues to grow and become more efficient.

This year we were offered a second building in the complex. This second building needed a great deal of repair.

Many visiting teams have worked on this building throughout the year, creating a new production room which is functional at the time of this report.

Soon an office for the Depot will be in operation, bunk rooms will be ready for work teams, bathrooms will be functional, and in the future kitchen facilities will be available.

Many groups from around the West Virginia Annual Conference have shared time with us at the Depot helping to assemble or inspect flood buckets, hygiene kits, and school kits.

These groups have also helped us to perform other work on the buildings and infrastructure of New Vision Depot. A big thank you goes out to all who have assisted in building this much needed extension of our Disaster Response Ministries with prayers, gifts, and labor. We need you all to help us do what we do.

Revs. Dan & Sue Lowther
WV Conference Disaster Response Coordinators

New Vision Depot is in partnership
with UMCOR and WV-VOAD

Follow this link for instructions to make a flood bucket.

Follow this link for instructions to make health kits.

On-Line Giving

Your financial contributions go a long way to help with flood response and recovery.

SUPPORT FINANCIALLY our Disaster Response efforts by donating to the New Vison Depot using one of the following methods:

  1. Give through your local church. The church would then send the money along with their church remittance form, earmarked for New Vison Depot #922. Checks made payable to Conference Treasurer and mailed to PO Box 2469, Charleston, WV 25329.
  2. Give directly using the link provided below. Any gifts given through this link will not process through the church remittance system and therefore cannot be credited to a specific church or show on their church statement.
Donate to New Vision Depot

Reminder…. any gifts given through this link will not process through the church remittance system and will not be credited to any specific church. Be sure to print your gift confirmation as it will serve as your only tax receipt for your donation.