Sexual Ethics Policy

Sexual Ethics Policy of the West Virginia Conference

Church leaders should do no harm.

The church is a unique environment in which we expect no harm to be done. The church seeks wholeness and healing, in unity expressed as the Body of Christ. Where such unity prevails, there is no exploitation, no humiliation, and no abuse.

People in a ministerial role will be held accountable.

The ministerial role is one of power and responsibility. Persons called to ministerial roles are expected to dedicate themselves to the highest ideals of the Christian life for the sake of the church and the most effective witness of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Conduct is as important a witness as the sermons preached, the rites celebrated, the counsel offered, and other church tasks performed. Church leaders, whether clergy or laity, must maintain appropriate sexual boundaries that respect the fact that a power differential exists between them and those whom they serve.

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