Join the CVI Team

Do you have a passion for God’s Kingdom? Has God gifted you with the skills and experience to help others?

As our conference moves forward with the Congregational Vitality Initiative we will be looking for people to join our team. Here are a few of the areas where we are seeking pastors and laity:

  • Coaches – we will need trained and skilled coaches to coach pastors, laity leaders, groups, and churches. The first step is to complete a Basic Coach Training session. Click HERE to learn more about coaching and find dates for Basic Coach Training. The second step is to complete a next level coach training session with Ken Willard.
  • Facilitators – the Leadership Development element of this initiative will require individuals to lead these sessions. Some sessions will be pastors only, some will be laity only, some will be a mix, and some will be for a church or group of churches. Facilitators will receive a training session from Ken Willard. These individuals will need to be able to use coaching skills and do more facilitating of the learning and less teaching.
  • Workshop Leaders – as we move forward with this initiative, our goal is to have at least one person in each of our districts who will be able to lead a variety of workshops. Ken Willard will provide the materials and the training you need to lead the workshops.

Contact Ken Willard if you have any questions or are interested in joining the CVI team.

Join the Congregational Vitality Team!