TYRAND COOPERATIVE MINISTRIES is located in rural Randolph County, Mill Creek, WV.   Tyrand’s Board consists of representatives from the Catholic, Southern Baptist, Presbyterian (USA), Nazarene, Assembly of God and United Methodist Churches in the area.

Our programs are: Thrift Store, Home Repair, Food Pantry, School Supplies, Emergency assistance with rent and utilities, Prescriptions, Christmas and Thanksgiving Baskets, Christmas Store,  Day Camp, Nutrition Programs, Work experience for West Virginia Works recipients.   The needs of the less fortunate continue to rise in our service area.

Ecumenical Worship Services are held throughout the year.  There are numerous opportunities for Volunteers to help at the mission.  The Noah’s Ark Thrift Store and our E-bay items help generate funds to support some of our programs.  Our e-bay seller name is tyrand2009.  We partner with the local Correctional facility and the Bishop Hodges Retreat Center in getting fresh vegetables to give out through our Food Pantry during the summer and fall.

by Belinda Toms, Executive Director:

I have seen a lot of changes at Tyrand in the 30 years I have been here. Changes in the property and building; changes in volunteers; changes in industry in our area with some closing and new ones opening; and changes in our programs to keep up with society. One thing that has not changed over the years is the faith and love showed to the less fortunate from our staff and volunteers.  Having only two full-time employees, one part-time and one seasonal employee we are indebted to over 160 volunteers who help make our ministry work. Our Noah’s Ark Thrift Store is operated by volunteers who love being here.  The laughter and the compassion shown to others is very humbling. The proceeds from the Thrift Store helps to fund our programs.

The Christmas Store Committee, known as the “Crazy Ladies,” works making sock monkeys, baby quilts and other crafts to raise money to purchase toys for Christmas to be given to the less fortunate families in our area.   The ladies work hard quilting and sewing all year for this project.

In 2009 we took a step into the unknown by setting up an E-bay account. Since then our e-bay sales have helped fund our programs greatly. About four years ago Pamela G., from New York, purchased an item from our e-bay listing which was under $3.00. When we mail out our items that sell on e-bay we always add our brochure. Who knew that this lady would give back to Tyrand so much more.

Every Christmas since Pamela purchased that item she has requested that all her guests coming to her yearly Hanukah Party bring a new toy for Tyrand. We usually receive eight to 15 boxes of new toys from her.    She also sends new coffee pots, toasters, mixers for us to give to families who are starting over. Just three weeks ago we received 34 boxes of stuff from one of their storage units. Most of the items go to the Thrift Store to be sold. If one lady can make this much of a difference for one mission project we would never have to worry about funding our programs if more people were like her. Mission work does not have any boundaries and emergencies do not always happen during working hours. I am blessed by having staff and volunteers who help no matter what time of day it is.

As we prepare for our Thanksgiving and Christmas Programs please keep Tyrand’s staff and volunteers and especially the less fortunate individuals and families we serve in your prayers.