Reaching New People is a training process that we offer in partnership with Griffith Coaching, Inc. The process includes a weekend training involving the pastor and 4-6 laity.  It’s important for the pastor and laity to go through this process together because both learn new patterns and behaviors that need to be implemented in order for individuals to meet new people and to prepare the church to welcome them.

This is followed by an opportunity for the Church Vitality Team to receive one or two years of group coaching with Paul Nickerson.  This provides some accountability for the team as well as an opportunity to learn from experiences and to proceed through any resistance.  This also includes 6 month onsite visits with Paul Nickerson and an opportunity to bring new folks to those trainings.

Our research shows that a dedicated team of leaders and the follow-up coaching are critical to implementation of this process. It takes work to do new things but it is well worth it!

Download this flyer to share with your  faith community, parish or charge!

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