CVI Short Circuit Articles

A collection of articles written by Ken Willard and others centering around Congregational Vitality, Leadership Development and Discipleship!


5 Simple things you can do to prepare for church guests

Congregational Vitality ministry sponsored two seminars with author, professional church consultant and coach Jason Moore. Follow this link for highlights from the day long training event. 


Attention Leaders!

Too often we use labels and titles which may cause us to unintentionally limit leadership in church to only a select few.


What is Coaching?

And why is it important in the local church?

Follow this link to learn more!


Do you have a strong desire to have your church become the best “Life-Saving Station” it can be? 

Follow this link for some tips any church can implement.


MissionInsite Helps WVUMC Churches Know Our Communities

MissionInsite is a powerful tool to help local churches become the church God is calling us to be. You can test your assumptions and plans against the best demographic data available.

This tool is provided to every church in our conference FREE of charge.


The Mission of the West Virginia Conference is to Discover, Develop, and Deploy passionate spiritual leaders who make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world!

But what does that mean to our local churches?


Safe Sanctuaries grant to help local churches!

Congregational Vitality partners with Shea James, Director of Young Disciples and Outdoor Ministries.


10 tips for a Fresh Start

You may not be going to a new church, or receiving a new pastor, but you can still take advantage of this season to turn over a new leaf or break out of your routine to let God do something new in and through you for the Kingdom.

Here are ten ideas to get you thinking. Any of these can be done by anyone or a church of any size or type. Pick ONE you or your church are going to try this season.


Beginning Well: resources for pastors and churches in transition.

Follow this link for some helpful resources!


Congregational Vitality Initiative Launches! 

In order to breathe a Christ-led spiritual breath of fresh air into our leaders and congregations we are launching the Congregational Vitality Initiative.

This initiative is designed to provide resources and support to leaders, both laity and clergy, along with congregations of all sizes and types throughout the West Virginia Conference.