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United Methodist Temple - Beckley, West Virginia 

Job Description: DIRECTOR OF THE PLACE (Full time, salaried position) 

Date: Adopted by Church Council: March 26, 2020 

In General: The Director of the Place works under the direction of the Staff-Parish Relations Committee and reports directly to the Lead Pastor. The Director of the Place’s work performance is reviewed at least annually by the Lead Pastor and the Staff-Parish Relations Committee. The Director of the Place shall meet regularly with the Lead Pastor, Staff-Pastor Parish Relations Committee (SPPRC), TPFK Leadership Team and other groups within UMT to facilitate the work of The Place, The Place for Kids (TPFK) and advance the mission of UMT. The Director of The Place will also meet with the Lead Pastor and the SPPRC to discuss issues pertinent to employment or performance of duties. 

  1. 1. Personal Qualifications: The Director of the Place shall … a. Be responsible, organized and flexible; 
  2. b. Be able to work effectively with other staff and laity using team-based leadership skills; 
  3. c. Be able to communicate clearly and in a timely manner with individuals and/or small groups, whether in person, on the phone, using electronic methods, written letters or handouts; and 
  4. d. Be able to participate physically in the recreational fellowship activities for adults and active youth. 
  5. e. Annually, develop a ministry plan and a personal goals and objectives plan in conjunction with performance reviews and the various programs and ministries involvement. 
    1. 2. Professional Qualifications: The Director of the Place shall have … a. Hold a Bachelor’s degree in administration and/or education-related field or equivalent experience and education acceptable to the SPPRC; 
    2. b. At least five (5) years of supervision/management experience; 
    3. c. Experience in recreational ministry preferably, but is not required; 
    4. d. Have basic computer knowledge and skills which include social media, WORD and Excel; 
    5. e. A willingness to continue learning and attend continuing education events; and 
    6. f. Certification (currently or soon after employment) in Upward Ministries; 
    1. 3. Other Qualifications: The Director of the Place shall… a. Successfully pass a criminal background checks and drug screening as required for all UMT and TPFK employees; 
    2. b. Be drug free under the UMT and TPFK policies; 
    3. c. Be Certified in CPR and First Aid before or shortly after being employed by UMT. 
    4. d. Have a had a Driver’s License for at least five (5) years and have a driving record acceptable to UMT’s insurance carrier; 
    5. e. The Director of the Place shall be available for work at least 40 hours/week, six (6) days/week, including evening work with flexible scheduling in consultation with Lead Pastor. 

PRIMARY TASK: Develop and implement recreational and worship ministries to help individuals and families grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ, the Christian lifestyle and their quality of life and to supervise The Place for Kids (TPFK) ministries. 

4. Ministry Duties: To promote and support ministries with other churches and suitable organizations that facilitate faith-based activities in unity with the ministries of UMT. 

Administrative Duties, with regard to: 

5. In general: a. Promote, develop and implement a variety of ministry opportunities for all age groups to develop relationships within the community of Beckley with primary objectives to reach the unchurched in the community, create an inviting atmosphere for their introduction into a Christian community and develop disciples for Jesus Christ through fellowship, activities, study and growth as individuals. 

b. Develop recreational ministry opportunities that are programs involving other community organizations, wellness programs, cooperative events and recreational activities. 

c. Prepare ministry pages for various UMT publications and social media postings. 

d. Supervise The Place physical plant and its use; 

e. Coordinating and overseeing the scheduling and use of The Place including needs of TPFK and of UMT pool vehicles. 

f. Facilitate and arrange for hospitality for any groups using The Place. 

g. Work cooperatively with the Campus Supervisor to maintain and provide for other physical plant needs. 

h. See that proper and adequate recordkeeping is kept on file in a safe, orderly and confidential manner. 

i. Prepare, maintain and execute business, marketing, advertising and other related plans in consultation with other groups for the development of ministries at The Place, including TPFK; 

j. Prepare and/or supervise the preparation of annual and other reports as required or requested by Church Council, SPPRC and other entities involved with TPFK or The Place. 

k. Communicate clearly and succinctly with the public and with staff using the various means available such as verbal, written, social media methods while taking care and caution that such communications represent the UMT and TPFK; 

l. Maintain confidential communication relationships as required and advisable while ensuring that all communications reflect true and accurate statements; 

m. To become aware of the resources for developing recreational and worship ministry and participate in training experiences; 

n. Attend staff, The Place For Kids Leadership Team, Safe Sanctuary Task Force and Church Council meetings; and 

o. Be available for other ministries/duties as needed in consultation with the Lead Pastor and/or the SPPRC. 

    1. 6. TPFK Directors and paid staff and volunteers: a. Work with the SPPRC, Lead Pastor, and TPFK Leadership Team to hire, supervise and develop employees and volunteers for the TPFK programs; 
    2. b. Ensure that proper and adequate training of all persons is developed and executed as required by regulations, policies and needs as they arise; 
    3. c. Supervise the Directors, Coordinators and Treasurer of TPFK ministry programs and The Place receptionist and administrative assistant; ensure implementation, maintenance and compliance of applicable licensing requirements, UMT policies in the operation and of ministries at The Place. 
    4. d. Regularly evaluate all Directors, Coordinators and Treasurer of TPFK ministries, the receptionist at The Place and the administrative assistant at The Place annually as directed by TPFK Leadership Team, SPPRC and the Church Council Safe Sanctuary Task Force. 
    5. e. Ensure adherence to all policies. 
    1. 7. Legal: a. Ensure compliance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations and UMT policies. 
    1. 8. Code of Ethics a. Be welcoming and hospitable, friendly yet professional with everyone whether member or non-member of UMT. This includes but is not limited to “going out of the way” to ensure anyone’s questions are answered and any concern/situation addressed/resolved. 
    2. b. Avoid quarrelsome behavior, including in conversation; particularly avoid this when children are present. 
    3. c. Speak with encouragement and create unity with all you encounter. 
    4. d. Gossiping is not acceptable. Confidentiality must be absolute, with the exception of reporting any safety concerns 
    5. e. Support and promote ALL ministries of UMT while avoiding promoting any personal agendas. 

I have received, read and understand the duties outlined in the job description for the above-referenced position of UMT, Beckley, WV. I acknowledge that all of the duties are essential to the job and I agree that I am able to perform the essential duties and functions of the job without accommodation. (The duties outlined will be those on which I am evaluated. I have received a copy of the job description for my reference.) 

I have voluntarily entered into employment with United Methodist Temple, Beckley, WV, understanding that the terms of the employment relationship are “at will.” The “at will” relationship means that I may resign at any time, with two (2) weeks written notice to the Lead Pastor, with or without cause. Similarly, United Methodist Temple, may terminate the employment relationship “at will” at any time, with or without notice or cause, providing there is no violation of applicable federal or state law. 

Employee’s Signature Date 

I provided the employee, whose signature appears above, with a copy of the job description for his/her reference for the position of employment he/she has accepted and answered all questions he/she had. 

Signature of Supervisor Date 

Church Administrator

St. Marks United Methodist Church

Ministry Summary:

 The primary role of the Administrative Assistant is to provide support and assistance to the pastor and lay leadership of the congregation in coordinating the work of the church office and to give oversight to the finances of the church. An additional role is to provide help and support for the members and the community who contact the office.

Ministry responsibilities:     

Administration of church office

  • Type the ministry opportunities/calendar/anniversaries/birthdays section of weekly bulletin, copy, and work with Generation Forward: Children to prepare children’s weekly worship handouts.
  • Work with SGB: Building Relationships leader to mail out bulletins, Upper Rooms, and other materials.
  • Type and send miscellaneous correspondence, including email, Remind, thank you notes. Work with SGB: Communications leader to determine how communications with church family and beyond should be handled.
  • Prepare membership transfer letters and certificates and baptism and confirmation certificates. Work with SGB: Building Relationships leader to coordinate the making of quilts given for births and other reasons.
  • Maintain calendar for church events, ministerial appointments, meetings, gym usage and other activities at St. Marks. Inform custodians of meetings so that the rooms are prepared.
  • Order office supplies, paper, and postage.
  • Work with SGB: Communications leader and Communications staff person on posting news on St Marks app, website, St Marks UMC fb page, St Marks YouTube, and in weekly bulletin for those to whom bulletins are mailed.
  • Work with pastor and church leadership to prepare Charge Conference reports and
  • with Church Treasurer to prepare end of the year Statistical Reports for General Church.
  • Maintain calendar for providing flowers for altar and order flowers for hospital stays and funerals.
  • Record all membership data, including births, deaths, baptisms, weddings, new members, transfers, etc., along with updated information on members, in Church Windows.
  • Order and distribute Upper Rooms and all UMC Special Sundays offering envelopes.
  • Download birthday listing monthly for St Marks app.
  • SGB Spiritual Formation leader will work with those making prayer quilts/shawls to have them available for Sunday prayer.
  • Give oversight to all office equipment, maintenance and buying, that belongs to St Marks.
  • Coordinate the parking lot rentals in consultation with SGB Community Building leader. (The pay that was given to Parking Lot coordinator originally was folded into the compensation of this position.)
  • Work with custodians and Building Superintendent in regard to property issues.
  • Provide oversight for church finances and system for income/paying expenses, record income weekly, and serve as SGB: Finance leader. Annually work with SGB and Church Treasurer to prepare budget for Church Conference and monthly to prepare financial handout to SGB leaders.
  • Work with pastor on arrangements for weddings, funerals, and baptisms. Receive payments, as called for.

    Reception & Support
  1. Reception & welcoming of visitors and congregational members to church
  2. Phone support – answer, transfer, take messages, and assist the caller.
  3. Provide support to congregation and visitors as needed
  4. Sort and deliver incoming mail, respond to and forward email messages.

Ministry Accountability:

The Administrative Assistant is supervised and accountable to the pastor.

Qualifications: High school diploma or GED, proficient word processing skills, ability to utilize computer programs or willing to learn, experience in clerical duties, finances, excellent communication skills, ability to work with minimal direct supervision, ability to deal with confidential matters, comfortable being alone in building. Programs used include Microsoft Publisher, Word, Excel, Access, and Outlook. Apple Products such as MacBook and it programs.

Time Requirements: 24 hours weekly (10 am – 5 pm) Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

(Extra time may be needed in a particular week, such as if there is a funeral or reporting deadline; employee will be given time off to compensate, at the discretion of the pastor)

Compensation & Benefits:  Salary is set by Financial committee.

Evaluation: Conducted annually by pastor and shared with SPRC.