More than 5,000 low-income people benefit annually from our basic needs assistance programs. We help prevent homelessness with utility and rent assistance at our offices in South Charleston, Chesapeake, and Putnam County. At our main facility in South Charleston, we prevent hunger from our food pantry, provide free clothing vouchers to our thrift store, and distribute Kmart vouchers for the newly employed who are required to have nonskid shoes or steel-toed boots. The entire community benefits from the low prices at our thrift store, which is a year-round fundraiser. We support youth through incentives to do well in school and weekend snack bags at South Charleston Middle School. We sponsor children to Camp CJ and provide school supplies. Our small staff couldn’t possibly do all this without the 300 volunteers that share their hearts and hands to make our ministry a success.


Eddie Bucklen, Executive Director

212 D Street South
Charleston, WV 25303

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