2021 is the 24th year of Celebration of Mission Event gatherings
to support our Conference Mission Ministries,
which include the Conference Mission Projects,
the Church and Community Ministries
and the Volunteers in Mission.

It is recommended that districts schedule their C.O.M.E. on a day separate from District Conferences,
where possible. Celebration of Mission Events that stand-alone usually produce
greater results with both monetary and tangible gifts.


Contact your district office.

Contact your district coordinator (See inside the booklet).

Or contact our Conference coordinator:

Cliff Schell                                 
PO Box 1279                                   

Bridgeport, WV 26330



All funds and tangible goods from the 2020 Celebration of Mission Event have been received and distributed to our ten Conference Mission Ministries.  2020 was a tough year for our Conference Churches, but amazingly they were able to provide $77,010.85 for the support of the WV Conference Mission Ministries through COME.  This was an astonishing amount considering that we were not able to have any District Celebration of Mission Events and no in-person District Conferences, where most of the funds and goods are collected during a normal year.  Some districts even found ways to establish “drop-off” locations for tangible goods and sent large supplies of needed goods to our missions.  What the local churches did in 2020, under adverse circumstances, truly qualifies as a “Glory Sighting”.

Now it is time to turn our attention to the 2021 COME.  To help our churches in preparing and implementing this year’s plans the COME Booklet has been updated and posted on the Conference Website and many (perhaps all) District Websites.  The booklet can be printed in total, or page-by-page.  It contains general information, as well as listing the District Coordinators and District Mission Assignments for collecting food and other tangible goods.  The booklet also contains the Needs Lists and contact information for all ten of our missions supported by COME.  There is also a report of the 2020 COME and a Remittance Form that local churches and/or individuals can use to send funds to the Conference Treasurer.

One thing not found in the booklet is a listing of the dates, times, and locations for 2021 Celebration of Mission Events.  We simply do not yet know what form these Events will take because of still dealing with the Corona Virus Pandemic.  We have requested our District Coordinators to be creative and to develop the best plans possible for their districts.  Therefore, it will be important for local churches to keep In close contact with their District COME Coordinators (listed in the Booklet) and their District Offices.
Our Conference Mission Ministries greatly depend on the funding that is provided by the Celebration of Mission Event.  Based on how the churches responded during the 2020 Pandemic, we believe they will once again find ways to be in support of this vital ministry. 

Cliff Schell
WV Conference COME Coordinator