2020 is the 22rd year of Celebration of Mission Event gatherings
to support our Conference Mission Ministries,
which include the Conference Mission Projects,
the Church and Community Ministries
and the Volunteers in Mission.

It is recommended that districts schedule their C.O.M.E. on a day separate from District Conferences,
where possible. Celebration of Mission Events that stand alone usually produce
greater results with both monetary and tangible gifts.


Contact your district office.

Contact your district coordinator (See inside the booklet).

Or contact the conference co-coordinators:

Cliff Schell                                 Belinda Toms

PO Box 1279                                    PO Box 365

Bridgeport, WV 26330                          Mill Creek, WV 26280

304-842-4492                                 304-335-2788

cliffschell@frontier.com                      tcm@frontiernet.net

Final Report 2019 Celebration of Mission:

Cash funds received from the 2019 District Events totaled $108,016.92. 

This enabled each of our 7 Conference Mission Projects and Volunteers in Mission to be gifted $10,902 each for their ministries.  The New Vision Depot and the Church and Community Ministry at the Greater Clarksburg Parish each received $5,451.00 for their respective ministries and supplies.

In addition $9,170.92 was placed in the Conference Mission Projects Trust Fund, where annual distributions are made through the United Methodist Foundation, which manages the trust fund.  100% of cash funds received through the Celebration of Mission Event was distributed, as any administrative costs were absorbed by the districts or by individual leaders.

In addition to the cash funds raised, the WV Conference Churches collected an estimated $30,000.00 in tangible goods, which were donated to designated mission ministries.
The Celebration of Mission Event is one of the great giving projects of the WV Conference.  The mission ministries are grateful for your support of the project, which is approaching its 23rd consecutive year of providing cash funds and  tangible supplies to our Conference Mission Ministries.  The missions depend upon the support they receive and certainly put it to good use.

Plans are in progress for the 2020 Celebration of Mission Event.  Churches are already involved in collecting needed items and cash for the upcoming Events.  Schedules, Needs Lists, and Contact Information will soon be posted on the WV Conference website, as well as some district websites. 

More information regarding the Events in the different districts can be obtained by contacting the District Office, the District Coordinators, or the Conference COME Coordinator Cliff Schell at
Follow this link for the final 2019 distribution report.