Portico for Teams

By WV UMC Admin

Have you tried taking an online course on Portico with your team?

We continue to hear from pastors and laity leaders all around our conference who are utilizing the online learning platform with groups, committees, and other ministry teams at their church.

Portico resources work great for both individual learners AND groups of learners.

Here are a few possible ways to take courses in a group:

  • The church leadership team might take a course together by viewing it on a large screen and then discuss how the information in the course might be utilized in their ministry. (Potential courses might include: Managing Transitions; Strategic Ministry Planning Overview; Church Life-Cycle)
  • The church Nominations Team might each complete a course individually and then at their next meeting discuss ways to incorporate key learnings into their process. (Potential courses might include: Inviting vs. Recruiting; Church Ecology; Dynamite Prayer)
  • The church Staff/Parrish Relations Team of a church who is receiving a new pastor could spend some time together one day prior to the new pastor arriving reviewing all the resources in the Pastoral Transitions category to discern what resources will be best for their situation.
  • A small group or Sunday school class in the church could spend a few weeks taking courses together using a computer at church. After completing each course they could discuss how they might apply the information in their discipleship journey. (Possible courses include: Servant Leadership; Prayer Walking; Discipleship Coaching; Discover Your Shape)

How about you? Have you tried doing a Portico course together with others? We would love to hear what has worked best for you and your ministry. Please send us an email: Portico@wvumc.org

Information + Application = Transformation

Happy Learning!