Origami: A Visual Prayer for Peace

By Martha Hill

An invitation from Martha Hill, chair of the Justice and Advocacy Committee

Origami comes from the Japanese words “ori”, which means folding, and “gami”, which mean paper. The most famous Japanese origami is the peace crane.

As a visual prayer for peace in Gaza and Israel, the West Virginia Conference Justice and Advocacy Team is asking for assistance in creating as many origami peace cranes as possible to hang during Annual Conference in June.

Creating origami peace cranes can be a meaningful project for your church, youth group, UWF, UMM, prayer group, Sunday School class, or individuals.

If you can make some cranes (or doves, if you prefer) please send them to Martha Hill, 302 Hunters Ridge Road, Charleston, WV 25314; drop them off at the Conference Center to Angela Jones; or contact me to arrange for pick-up at mhill1975@hotmail.com; 304-610-1903. The deadline is May 20, 2024. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

 Several instructional links are listed below for both peace cranes and doves, but feel free to find your own directions. I have found that instructions vary from easy, for novices like me, to more complicated, for those of you who are up for a challenge. Any color or size of paper will work. I have found that 6’ x 6’ squares work well. Happy folding!!!




Check out the St. Marks’ UMC training session in learning how to do origami peace cranes!