Dynamite Prayer: A Follow Up

By Lisa Fox

As a conference, we embarked on a journey of spiritual growth last September. Together with other UMC conferences, we engaged in a 28-day prayer experiment, using the powerful prayers found in “Dynamite Prayer” by Rosario Picardo and Sue Nilson Kibbey. Prayer is an effective tool that helps us establish a deeper relationship with our Creator. The prayer experiment was only the beginning, a catalyst for us to anticipate and embrace God’s movement in every aspect of our lives, our faith communities, and the entire world. For many, the true challenge was to remain steadfast in their commitment to prayer, to join hands with others, and to await God’s miraculous intervention in both extraordinary and everyday ways.

Let us strive to continue developing and utilizing our breakthrough prayers. If you haven’t already, create a prayer team today and cultivate the spirit within your ministry setting through the transformational power of prayer. With a heart for healing and service, your team can make a difference in the lives of those around you.

Moreover, Sue Nilson Kibbey shares on the Dynamite Prayer website a conversation she had with Pastor Lori Lossie. They discussed what she calls a “LEAD” night, where everyone shared their next-step ideas on how God was leading them individually to serve and also collectively. Amazingly, the church followed through on several of the 105 new ideas that came out of it. As always, breakthrough prayer classes can be held in person or on Portico. If you go to the Dynamite Prayer website, to the Trainings area, scroll down to “Using Dynamite Prayer in a medium-church setting.”

Remember, prayer works. It’s not always easy to pray faithfully, but know that God sees what is done in secret, and in those moments of prayer, God unlocks the doors that can only be opened through prayer. Be encouraged by the words of the 19th-century poet Edmund Vance Cooke: “But maybe prayer is a road to rise, a mountain path leading toward the skies to assist the spirit who truly tries …. It isn’t a packhorse to carry your load, it isn’t a wagon, it’s only a road. And perhaps the reward of the spirit who tries is not the goal, but the exercise!”

You can watch Sue Nilson Kibbey on Portico – “Breakthrough Prayer Initiative” is one of the featured courses!