April and May Crucial Months for The Celebration of Mission Event

By WV UMC Admin

The months of April and May provide the major settings to support the conference-wide Celebration of Mission Event (COME).  During these months, mission-supporting churches will collect an abundance of food and other tangible items for the conference ministries they have been assigned, and districts will set “pick-up” dates and locations where the mission ministries will pick up the donated goods and transport them back to their mission projects. 

Local churches will also plan and implement fund-raising events. Individuals should donate through their local church. Churches should deposit donations received from individuals, then mail a church check payable to “WV Conference Treasurer” along with a Remittance Form. The Celebration of Mission Event Booklet is available on the Conference website and includes a remittance form. All checks should be sent to the Conference Treasurer rather than to any of the mission ministries, so an equal distribution of cash funds can be provided for each of the ten projects supported by the Celebration of Mission Event. Likewise, it is recommended that all check remittances be sent as “Undesignated #875” which enables an equal distribution to all of the supported missions.

The Celebration of Mission Event has a new logo created by Bryan Beaty, new WV Conference Director of Communications, which will be used to promote the ten mission ministries supported by the Celebration of Mission Event.  They are:  Ebenezer Community Outreach Center in Huntington, Heart and Hand House in Philippi, Heart+Hand Outreach Ministries in South Charleston, The House of the Carpenter in Wheeling, New Vision Depot in Beaver, Scott’s Run Settlement House in Osage, Upshur Parish House in Buckhannon, Tyrand Cooperative Ministries in Mill Creek, Volunteers in Mission, and the Greater Clarksburg Parish Church and Community Ministry.

The Conference Mission Ministries are greatly dependent on funding from the Celebration of Mission Event.  It is important to note that 100% of funds received are distributed to the mission ministries.

For additional information contact your district office or download the Celebration of Mission Event Booklet from the Conference Website.  You may also contact the Celebration of Mission Event Conference Coordinator Cliff Schell at cliffschell@frontier.com.