Glory Sighting: Logan Memorial Makes A Difference


Darcel Donaway, the head Trustee at Logan Memorial UMC, shares how their congregation was able to bless others through a $1,000 Ethnic Local Church Concerns grant.

The first project that we did was buy 30 backpacks and fill them with, gloves, scarves, a bible and a note from the congregation telling them who put them together, where we are located, our church service time, and then inviting them to join us on Sunday mornings. The backpacks were then handed out to the  homeless that are fed every Saturday by a street ministry called Momma T and the Warriors, which we support with food donations.

The second project that we did was buy buns, lunch meat, garnishes, and condiments for 60 subs that we put together and distributed, in addition to the food we donate weekly to the hungry and homeless that Momma T and the Warriors feed each week.

The third and final project that we used the money for was purchasing as much candy as we could with the money that was left after the first two projects to help fill Easter baskets for an Easter egg hunt that Momma T hosts every year at our local high school. We were also blessed to be able to supply her with additional candy that was donated on our behalf from the United Women in Faith. They held their spring conference at our church on March 24, 2023 and asked us how they could help with a ministry that we support. They brought enough candy with them to fill up the back of our Pastor’s truck.

We are so grateful to be able to make a difference in our community and that money gave us the perfect way to do just that. We are more appreciative than we could ever convey to you. We thank you and the conference so very much for your support and look forward to collaborating on many more opportunities to help our less fortunate brothers and sisters.