Lay Ministry Training Opportunities


Are you looking for a way to take the Lay Ministry Basic Course, but you aren’t sure where or when to do it? Do you need to take an Advanced Lay Ministry course to maintain your certification? Do you just love, like me, to learn more?  Listed below are the opportunities scheduled so far this year to take a lay ministry course across our Annual Conference.  Each one has a hyperlink to find out more.

If this sounds unfamiliar to you, check out the Lay Ministry page on the Annual Conference website

Lay Servant Ministry Training

  1. Greenbrier District – The basic course and two advanced courses will be offered on May 4 at Lewisburg UMC.  The basic course and two advanced courses will be offered on August 24 at Memorial UMC, Summersville.
  2. Little Kanawha District Lay Servant Academy on March 30 and April 6 will offer the basic course and three advanced courses (Mt. Pleasant UMC in Mineral Wells).
  3. MonValley will offer the basic course and five advanced courses on March 30 at Life UMC in Fairmont.  
  4. Northern District Lay Servant Training will be on March 23 and April 6 at Glen Dale UMC.  The basic course and three advanced courses will be offered.
  5. The Potomac Highlands District offered the basic course on the Sundays in March beginning on March 10.  The District will also hold a Christian Lay Academy on April 5 and 6 with the basic course and five Advanced Courses.
  6. The Spring Southern District Lay Academy will be on May 4-5 at Oak Hill UMC.  The basic Course and an Advanced Course will be offered (along with other interesting courses).  The Basic course will also be taught in a seven week course format in Beckley.  The Fall Academy is scheduled October 18-19 at Bluewell UMC; the Basic Course and at least one advanced course will be offered. Contact the Southern District for more information (
  7. Wesleyan District will be offering the basic course and five advanced courses on April 6 at Chapel Hill UMC in Buckhannon.
  8. Western District is offering Discipleship Pathways Training on April 6 for advanced credit.  The District will offer Know Your Job/Leader Training on November 2, 2019.  Some of the courses, specifically those offered for Advanced Lay Servant training, will continue on November 3.  A basic course will be offered later this year.

Certified Lay Ministry Training

  • Greenbrier district is offering the training sessions in 2019.  Contact the Greenbrier District Office for more information (
  • Midland South is compiling a list of people who are interested in CLM training.  They already have 8 people on the list.  Contact the district office if you would like to be added to the Interested List ( 
  • The Wesleyan District is surveying for interest in a 2019 CLM course in the Wesleyan District. Please contact the district if you are interested ( 

Kim Matthews
Annual Conference Director of Lay Servant Ministries