February Disabilities Awareness dates


By Rev. Michael Ludle, Disabilities Coordinator, Board of Global Ministries

 As we look at February there are a couple of days that we need to be aware of for Disabilities Awareness:

February 15 is International Angelman Day. This is a rare neurogenetic disorder that affects Chromosome 15 resulting in intellectual and developmental delay.

February 28 is Rare Disease Day which covers many different ailments. I would invite you to check out www.rarediseaseday.org for more information.

As always, we need to be reminded that Disabilities come in many shapes and sizes. Many of them are not seen by just looking at someone. If you have any ideas or suggestions for ways of sharing information with churches and the Annual Conference or if you would like to have something done in your church, please contact Rev. Michael D. Ludle. As always check out the information that is on the Disability Ministries Page of our website.