Day of Service 2022

Building Bridges, Making Connections

By Audrey Stanton-Smith

Members of Lakeview UMC filled their pockets with quarters before heading to the laundromat at Saint Albans.

“We had great interactions with people that we might not otherwise have met,” Rev. Kerry Bart said.

Bill Eades and others from Southern District churches organized baby clothes for newborns at Mary’s Cradle in Bluefield.

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Noon - Day of Service 

4pm Day of Service 

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WV Conference Celebrated 
The Day of Service on June 9.

The Day of Service was a day to build bridges in our communities, to engage in relationship-oriented missions, and to celebrate how we are  people called to make connections and extend the love of Christ through service.

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On June 9, instead of arriving on-site in Buckhannon, for annual conference, every local church was encouraged to engage in relationship-oriented mission and ministry in their own context. By participating with their sisters and brothers across the conference, they are participating in the connection and affirming the spirit in which we gather for the Annual Conference session.

Where relationships already exist, churches engaged those vital ministries. This was also a time to start something new, to build a bridge, a new relationship, and to make a connection with those in your local community.

We give thanks for the opportunity to celebrate the opportunities God has given us to be disciples.

We hope that every congregation will continue to do acts of service to build or strengthen some bridge or connection with their community and share it for our continuing conference celebration.

We celebrate United Methodist congregations who are building bridges in their communities,
bridges that are relationship-oriented and mission focused.

Follow this link to download the Day of Service flyer to share.


Hands on Service

Follow this link for some ideas to be the hands and feet of Christ in your community. 


Faith in Action

Follow this link for some ideas to put your faith in action in your local community. 


Spiritual Formation Experiences

Follow this link for some ideas to grow in love of God and neighbor. 

Please follow this link to fill out the Day of Service reporting form to help us know a little more about your mission and ministry.

Help us continue to celebrate your church's service work throughout the year.  Since churches are engaged in mission and service every day, please complete the form -- even if your service project has already happened or will happen in the future.  Please add  photos or videos of your mission and ministry too!

Please use #wvumcServe on social media so that we can lift up and celebrate the ways that you are connecting with your community!