Walking with Jesus

You're invited on the journey of a lifetime!

Bishop Sandra Steiner Ball invites you to a closer, more intimate walk with Jesus through an exciting new conference-wide initiative: Walking with Jesus!

Experience God's word anew through reflections and special resources that take us to the places Jesus walked, taught, preached, healed, and transformed the world!

Check back often - there will be special resources available for free - from Advent through Pentecost 2020.

Walking with Jesus is an experience of new beginnings, new life, renewed hope and light.
It is a new opportunity for laity and clergy to hear God call our names and help us to discover, or rediscover, the gifts God has given to each of us to help bring life and light to all God’s people!

Bishop Sandra Steiner Ball
New Advent resources
FREE for the local church!

Download this small group/individual study written by Bishop Sandra Steiner Ball to guide you through the Advent Season.

Download Advent and Christmas Eve worship resources prepared by Bishop Sandra Steiner Ball.

During the Advent Season visit our special Advent webpage for weekly reflections written by laity and clergy from across the West Virginia Conference.


Looking for an Advent Calendar to use at home or with your church? Download this bulletin insert.  Download Calendar format here.

Follow this link for the 2019 Daily Advent Devotions, written by the laity of the West Virginia Conference.

Our Walk with Jesus continues as we join our voices to sing Joy to the World, the Lord is Come!

As we move into Christmastide be sure to check out reflections, videos and worship resources for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and the First Sunday after Christmas. Follow this link for more. 

Epiphany Sunday is a transition Sunday; the ending of the Christmas Season and the beginning of ordinary time.

This year the Epiphany Gospel lessons take us along the shores of the Sea of Galilee and up to the hillsides where Jesus teaches what we commonly call, The Sermon on the Mount.

Follow this link for Epiphany reflections and more!


Download pictures from the Holy Land, for worship, personal devotion or small group reflections. Visit our WVUMC Flickr account.