Spiritual Gift Profiles


We give thanks for the following people for sharing their stories as we explore Spiritual Gifts. We hope their stories will inspire you to learn more! If you have any questions about Spiritual Gifts please reach out to your pastor, District Superintendent, or a spiritual friend.

* we will be updating regularly, so do check back!

Exhortation—the Spiritual Gift of exceptional encouragement. Exhorters see the silver lining in every cloud, offer deep and inspiring hope to the fellowship, and look for and commend the best in everyone.

Exhorters empower others to feel good about themselves and to feel hopeful for the future. Exhorters are not concerned by appearances; they hold fast to what they know to be true and right and good.

We give thanks for Elaine Benson, a member of Crim Memorial UMC in the MonValley District for sharing her gift of Exhortation with her church, Volunteers in Mission and the West Virginia Conference! 


The Spiritual Gift of Faith is the exceptional ability to hold fast to the truth of God in Jesus Christ in spite of pressures, problems, and obstacles to faithfulness.

More than just belief, faith is a gift that empowers an individual or a group to hold fast to its identity in Christ in the face of any challenge. The gift of faith enables believers to rise above pressures and problems that might otherwise cripple them.

Faith is characterized by an unshakable trust in God to deliver on God’s promises, no matter what. The gift of faith inspires those who might be tempted to give up to hold on.

We give thanks for Dawna Johnson, a member of Spruce Street UMC in the MonValley District for sharing her gift of Faith with her church, community and the West Virginia Conference!



The Spiritual gift of Teaching is the gift of bringing scriptural and spiritual truths to others. More than just teaching Christian education classes, teachers witness to the truth of Jesus Christ in a variety of ways, and they help others to understand the complex realities of the Christian faith.

Teachers are revealers. They shine the light of understanding into the darkness of doubt and ignorance. They open people to new truths, and they challenge people to be more in the future than they have been in the past.

We give thanks for Jim Minutelli, CLM, the Wesleyan District Lay Leader for his spiritual gift of Teaching and how he blesses his church, community, and the West Virginia Conference!


Administration is the gift of organizing human and material resources for the work of Christ, including the ability to plan and work with people to delegate responsibilities, track progress, and evaluate the effectiveness of procedures.

Administrators attend to details, communicate effectively and take as much pleasure working behind the scenes as they do standing in the spotlight.

We give thanks for Cheryl Davis, CLM, for her spiritual gift of Administration and how she blesses her church, community and the West Virginia Conference!