Portico: Did You Know?

By WV UMC Admin

As the number of courses on our online learning platform continues to grow, one challenge you might run into is finding a course.

Here are two ways to help you find the course you are looking for:

  1. Search – Use the search function found on the top of your learner page. There is a magnifying glass icon on the top right of your Portico home page. Clicking on that will open a box where you can type in a word or two, click enter, and results will be displayed on your screen.
    • Courses you have not completed yet, will show the course name and give you the appropriate option to either enroll or continue that course.
    • Courses you have completed will give you the opportunity to jump directly to a chapter (video).
    • The search feature accesses key words used in the course catalog. So you may find it necessary to adjust the words you are searching if the results are not what you need.
  2. Sort – Use the sort feature within the Catalog area on your learner page. You can access this in two ways: the icon on your main page or from the drop down menu at the top right of your home page. Once you are on the Catalog page, you can find all of the courses available to you. Here is a good way to see the total course catalog:
    • From the drop down menu at the top of that section, choose the “Alphabetical” option
    • On the top left of that page is a funnel icon with a plus sign, that allows you to “show filters” – click on that
    • Disable (turn off) the toggle switch for “Show Categories”
    • Now you will be able to see the entire course catalog, listed alphabetically by course title.

Need help with anything related to our online learning platform? Have a suggestion for new courses or features? Please drop us an email at: portico@wvumc.org

Happy Learning!