Why Would I Want a Coach?

By WV UMC Admin

Most of us think of a coach as a gruff sweat shirted person with a whistle in his mouth barking out commands to take a lap or run a play. 

Leadership coaching is exactly the opposite. 

A leadership coach is not a mentor, an expert, a counselor, or supervisor.   A leadership coach is a thinking partner who confidentially partners with a coachee to focus on the future and action steps toward achieving the goal selected by the coachee. 

Here is a good definition of coaching from the book, Co-Active Coaching:

“…coaching is not about solving problems, although problems will be solved. It is not primarily about improving performance, attaining goals, or achieving results, although all of that will certainly happen over time in an effective co-active coaching relationship. We believe that coaching is chiefly about discovery, awareness, and choice. It is a way of effectively empowering people to find their own answers, encouraging and supporting them on the path as they continue to make important choices.”

A coach helps bridge the gap between “where you are now” and “where you want to go.”  After a clear goal has been established and the realities of the situation have been explored, options and next steps are determined.  Coaching is not for everyone as everyone is not ready to be coached. 

If you believe that coaching would be another tool for your growth as a pastor or laity leader, log onto Portico on the Conference website and check out the Coaching Courses or find a recommended coach on the Conference Website under Congregational Vitality, Coaching. The first session is always FREE. Coaching works best for clergy and laity who want to grow in their leadership and appreciate a thinking companion.

Are you ready for your next step in ministry?

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Rev. Dr. Ellis E Conley
Associate Certified Coach – International Coaching Federation