Dynamite Prayer: an update


In line with Jesus’ teachings, churches in the West Virginia Conference currently engage in persistent and bold prayer throughout September. Inspired by Rosario Picardo and Sue Nilson Kibbey’s book, Dynamite Prayer, churches from every district have embarked on a 28-day prayer experiment. However, this shouldn’t just be an experiment for September but a lifestyle of prayer.

The Holy Spirit has brought together both the clergy and laity to engage in breakthrough prayers that are making a significant difference within West Virginia. Innovative churches like the Keyser Faith Charge in the Potomac Highlands district are experimenting with breakthrough prayer.

Under the leadership of Pastor Beth Jacobson, members of the Keyser Faith Charge are committing to praying, “Father, we strive to piece together the puzzle of our lives; teach us to surrender to your guidance so that the picture You have planned is completed.” They also receive a puzzle when they enter the sanctuary on Sunday mornings. At the end of their worship, they approach the table with their puzzle pieces and write “Yes” on the puzzle as a sign of their commitment to surrendering to God. The members of the Keyser Faith Charge may be uncertain about the final image of the puzzle, but they trust in God to fit all the pieces together.

Prayer is about trusting God to bring things together.

It’s important to remember that a breakthrough prayer can enhance your existing prayer life. By praying, we can become a part of a movement that aims to make positive changes in the world. Day seven of Dynamite Prayer emphasizes this point, stating that the Holy Spirit’s dunamis power was poured out on the disciples and early believers, leading to a new movement that would ultimately change the course of history.

This is the perfect time to start incorporating dynamite prayer in your life! Breakthrough prayer experiments can be conducted in any church, regardless of its size. Dynamite Prayer resources and downloads are readily available, and breakthrough prayer classes can be taken either in person or on Portico.