Spiritual Gifts Inventory: by yourself


We’re so glad
you’re here!

Please follow this link to take the Spiritual Gifts Inventory.

Click Here for Spiritual Gifts Inventory
Some helpful tips:

There are no right or wrong answers.
Take your time.
Don’t overthink it.
It’s ok if you guess but do try to be authentic to who you are right now.
Remember that God made each of us unique so that we could serve out of our giftedness.

When you’re done with the inventory, you will receive your top six spiritual gifts.
Results will not be saved - so screenshot, print, or write them down.

Your top three spiritual gifts will include a description. To see a description of all twenty spiritual gifts you can visit this webpage (Click here)

Once you’ve completed your inventory, it’s time to register to join one of our unique small groups!

When you register, you will be asked to provide your:

  • contact info – including an email,
  • cell phone (if you can receive texts)
  • local church name and town,
  • district (if you don’t know, ask your pastor. Not UMC? Leave it blank!)
  • school,
  • age,
  • favorite pizza topping,
  • t-shirt size,
  • and PLEASE be sure to list your top six spiritual gifts

We’ll place you in small groups with others who share your gifts, and you’ll have a chance to explore your gift inventory and what these gifts mean. Your small group will meet online via zoom. Our goal is that each small group will stay in touch through text, discord, or social media between meetings.

Once you’ve registered, share your results with your pastor, parents, trustworthy friends, and adults in your life. Ask them how they see these gifts in you.

This is a great time to affirm your unique gifts and who God made you to be!

Collect a few stories or examples, and get ready to share with your small group!

***Please note - registration will end on January 10th.