We know that most people treat the E-word like a 4 letter word.  But, really, that’s not what we’re talking about.  Evangelism is about finding a way to share Christ’s good news with others! That’s it. It’s not about arm-twisting, or boring someone or just showing up on a doorstep unannounced.

One thing we do every year is help celebrate the stories of excellent evangelism going on in our conference through the Harry Denman Award. Denman was a lay person who never wore a watch so that he could always ask someone else the time – as a conversation starter.  By all reports he was a likeable, engaging fellow who helped open the door to faith for many.  If you know someone (clergy, lay or youth) like that, nominate them for the Denman Award by April 15th  

Harry Denman Award

The Harry Denman Evangelism Awards honor a United Methodist clergy, youth, and lay person in each annual conference who has exhibited outstanding efforts in Wesleyan evangelism by faithfully carrying out the mission of “making disciples of Jesus Christ.” Those eligible for this prestigious award practice the Great Commission. This can involve personal witnessing, speaking, and inspiring individual persons or the local church to be actively involved helping people to experience the transforming love of God through Jesus Christ. Neither the size of the local church with which the person is affiliated, the age or gender of the person, nor the length of their service should limit one’s eligibility. What is important are the people whose lives have been changed by the life and ministry of the nominee.

Nominations are due by April 15. Nominate someone now.