The primary role of the CGSM is to facilitate the connection between our United Methodist missionaries from around the world to the churches in our Annual Conference. Our missionaries visit us every three years to share their work and build those relationships. I feel that it is easier for our congregations to connect with the work of our missionaries and are more willing to support them with prayers and resources when they have a personal and ongoing relationship with them. I would encourage each church to develop a covenant relationship with one of our United Methodist missionaries who are serving God around the US and around the world. I have a goal to improve communications between our missionaries and our local churches. Your church should be able to share its passion for children’s ministries or health ministry or agricultural ministry with a missionary in that field. You might also be interested in a particular region of the world and connect with a missionary who works there.

Working off the success of the Imagine No Malaria program, which along with other global partners has reduced malaria deaths by 50% around the world, there is a new emphasis from the General Board of Global Missions (GBGM) in global health. This program will focus on reducing preventable deaths around the world including in the United States.

GBGM has also created some new opportunities for missionary service through a program called Generation Transformation. This program has three potential opportunities for people to get involved in God’s work. The shortest program is the Global Justice Volunteer which lasts 2 months and is designed for people from 18 to 30 years old. The second opportunity is Global Mission Fellow and they are 20 to 30 years old and serve for two years. The third program is Mission Volunteers which is a flexible mission for people 18 and older. More details about each of these programs can be found at www.umcmission. org/Get-Involved/Generation-Transformation. These short term programs are a great way to get involved with work in the United States and around the world.