Retirees honored for many years of dedicated service


By Judy Pysell

“When his time of service was completed, he returned home” (Luke 1:23).

It has been said that every seven seconds a baby boomer retires: About 10,000 a day, a pace set since 2011. A few of those baby boomer retirees are pastors and they are being recognized at the Retirement Celebration Worship Service at 4 p.m. Friday during the 2019 West Virginia Annual Conference.

Bonnie MacDonald, director of leadership formation and ministry, said of the retirees, “They have offered themselves to God for God’s use in leading others to experience the love of Christ and now they are invited to release the official business to God and to others.”

“Their growth and service as Christians will continue but their official role as pastors will end — unless they are called into an official capacity at some point in the future to serve ‘in retirement,’” she added.

To watch the retirement service, Friday afternoon at about 4:00, follow this link.

To watch the 2019 retirement videos now, follow this link.