Globe Light Prayer for March


Johnson Memorial UMC, Huntington WV / Photo by Kim Matthews

Creating God, you spoke your word and light shone into the darkness.
Your light shines everywhere and on everyone.
In your light we are connected.

That Word became flesh in Christ, who is the life and light of all people.
Christ is Life and is the Light to live by.
The Life-Light blazed out of the darkness, and the darkness could not put the Light out.
The Word that is our Light moved into our neighborhood and shows us the way of love and glory.
We want to walk as children of the Light.  We want to follow Jesus.

Holy Spirit, flaming light of love, be among us.
Breathe your fresh spirit over us, among us, and into us.
Make us your Church, drawn together in unity and service.
Help us see the reflection of your Light in one another throughout your Church.
By your Light may we be connected as sisters and brother together.

By Rev. Mark Conner, First UMC Huntington, Western District