This tool will empower your congregation with information about your community.  You can test your assumptions and plans against the best demographic data available to see if there really are enough three-year-olds in your community for that preschool you’re thinking about. This is all based on a Google map platform that you may be familiar with from your online navigation. There are training videos available once you register to use the site.

We’ve done our best to plot every one of our 1,100 churches on the map. It’s possible that there is something not quite right so if something looks out of place or you have any trouble at all, please contact kwillard@wvumc.org.  We want everything to be as accurate as possible.

This tool is provided to every church free of charge.  Just download these step-by-step registration instructions to get started.

MissionInsite: A community demographics web-tool, free to WV United Methodist Churches
MissionInsite Website
Learn how to start a free account (PDF)  Mission Insight Registration