Cleaning foggers available for checkout

By Audrey Stanton-Smith

Electronic ULV Cold Foggers are now available through the New Vision Depot, the West Virginia United Methodist Conference disaster response center in Beaver.

“We’re the disaster response people, and COVID is a disaster,” said Rev. Dan Lowther, who runs the center. “So, I thought, ‘why can’t we purchase some of these cleaning machines and have them available for the churches?’ ”

Turns out, with help from the conference office and the UM Foundation’s COVID-19 fund, they could purchase four of the $550 cleaning and disinfecting machines — not an item many churches can afford to have on hand.

“This way, churches can sign one out. They won’t be able to hold on to them, but they can certainly borrow them to do an initial sanitation or to do a special event, like before and after a wedding or funeral,” Lowther explained.

The ULV (ultra low volume) fogging machines are simple to use, said Lowther, who recently used one on his own church. They use large volumes of air at low pressures to transform liquid into droplets that are dispersed into the atmosphere. These machines use normal bleach or Lysol and come with a measuring cup for use in precise filling. Then, the user adds water to the fill line, plugs it in and hits a switch. The result is a fine sanitizing mist that can cover large areas and does not require wiping.

Eva Faulkner from Carr Memorial UMC in Princeton gets a tutorial from Dan Lowther at the New Vision Depot on the disaster relief center’s newest additions, fogger sanitation machines, now available for church use.

Interested church representatives can make arrangements with Lowther by calling or texting him at 304-642-0897.

New Vision Depot also has cleaning supplies, masks and a large new shipment of hand sanitizer available to conference churches.

Audrey Stanton-Smith is the District Communications Coordinator of the Southern District.