How Individuals Minister through the Celebration of Mission Event


Individuals do not always have opportunities to assist persons who are experiencing personal or family needs.  We are not always in contact with persons who need food or clothing, or who need help with their utility bills or rent, or need medicine or a ride to get medical help, or perhaps a family who has lost everything in a fire or flood.  

Yet, when persons contribute to the Celebration of Mission Event you are there helping.  Whether you contribute money or tangible goods such as food or school supplies, the actions you do as individuals or local churches put in process a motion that assists persons who are in unfortunate circumstances.  Tangible goods are sent directly to the Mission Ministry you designate.  Cash gifts are divided among all of our Conference Mission Ministries – every penny you give; nothing is used for any other expense.

The West Virginia Conference has in place seven Conference Mission Projects, one Church and Community Ministry, Volunteers in Mission and the New Vision Depot Disaster Response standing equipped and ready to put your Celebration of Mission Event gifts to work ministering to critical needs.  All Celebration of Mission Event gifts are used in ministries – salaries for Directors and other needs such as utilities and insurance come from other sources.

The United Methodist Church has ministries reaching throughout the nation and world, and these ministries are important, but they are funded through other sources, such as the Conference Apportionments and Advance Specials.  Celebration of Mission Event funds are all used to meet needs within the bounds of the WV Annual Conference.

We may not be able to be personally present to help with needs as they arise, but every time we give a gift of cash or goods to the Celebration of Mission Event, in reality,  we are there to help someone in need.  In 2019 through COME we helped to the tune of more than $108,000.00 in cash and an estimated $30,000.00 in tangible goods– one gift at a time.  I think you need to feel really good about being there through your gifts.  

Each person – child, youth or adult – who makes a gift to the 2020 Celebration of Mission Event in your district will make his/her presence felt in a helpful way at one or more of our Conference Mission Ministries.  God has blessed many of us by enabling us to have the resources to help others and it is something for which we praise God.  Surely it is pleasing to God when we lovingly provide financial or tangible gifts to assist persons who are experiencing unfortunate circumstances.

This year is very different as there will be no Celebration of Mission Events in April and District Conferences may be delayed or canceled.  However, the basic needs continue to exist at all of our Conference Mission Ministries, and you can make cash contributions through your church, or by sending them to the District Office, or directly to WV Conference Treasurer.

Thank you for your caring response for others in these tough times we are experiencing.

Rev. Cliff Schell
WV Conference Celebration of Mission Event Coordinator