WVUMC Campus Ministries ready for 2019-2020 school year!

By Kerry Bart

Potomac State University

Chances are you’ve heard many times that the mission of The United Methodist Church is “to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.” Hopefully you’re also aware that the mission of the West Virginia Conference is “is to discover, develop, and deploy passionate spiritual leaders who make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.”

The developing of disciples is not an overnight process, and like many things, the maintenance of discipleship requires regular care.

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Concord University

The West Virginia Conference is proud to support United Methodist campus ministries on eight college campuses throughout West Virginia.  Through involvement in campus ministry, students form lasting relationships, experience community, and have opportunity to worship as they grow in discipleship. Campus ministries offer mission and service opportunities, vocational discernment and leadership development as students become Christ’s hands, feet, and mind in the world.

Lives are changed by campus ministries. Young adults are figuring out who they are, finding where they fit in and what they have to offer the world, even discerning God’s call on their lives, and we want to be there to walk with them.

Here’s a couple of things your campus ministers want you to know: Campus ministry is not the same thing as youth ministry – it’s as “real” as congregational ministry, except it’s constantly changing as students graduate and move on. Campus ministry takes place in a terrifically diverse setting, and can uniquely offer sanctuary to its members. Campus ministries are not just for college students, but they create opportunities for local UMCs to make meaningful connections as well.

West Liberty University

Here’s a couple of things your campus ministers need from you: Much of our campus ministry is funded by the apportionments your congregation pays. When churches pay apportionments faithfully, campus ministry happens. Our campus ministry leaders need your prayers and encouragement. If you live near one of our college campuses, contact the ministry leader and ask how you can participate in their ministry. And finally, when your young adults head off to college, contact the campus minister. We’ll welcome them to their new home and help them settle in.

We’ll be sharing updates and highlights from our campus ministries. In the meanwhile, send an email to your campus ministry leaders, and introduce your young adults to them.

WVUMC Campus Ministries, Pastors, and Information:

Concord University
Vine and Branches
David Johnston
Wed. evening worship, communion, fellowship (6:45pm)

Fairmont State University
Maria Wiblin
(304) 367-4000 (campus)

Marshall University
United Methodist Students
Benjamin Wells
Wednesday 8pm in the Community Christian Center

Potomac State University
Lauren Godwin
Monday evening in the lobby of the library
(see university website/calendar for time)

University of Charleston
Mark Pruett-Barnett

West Liberty University
Debra Dague
Tuesday Night 7pm in the Interfaith Chapel

West Virginia University (Morgantown)
Beth Johnson

West Virginia Wesleyan College
Lauren Weaver
Tuesday 11am Chapel

For more information, please visit our Campus Ministries page and check out these denominational resources from the United Methodist Church:

For more information contact:
Rev. Shea James
Director of Young Disciples and Outdoor Ministries
Phone: 304-344-8331 x25