Clergy invited to get “Rev’d Up!”


Rev’d Up! Pastor Fitness Challenge Starts Sept. 3

By Rev. Lauren Weaver
West Virginia Wesleyan College
UMC Liaison and Spiritual Life Coordinator

There are two seasons of the year that invite people to start new habits: The New Year and the New School Year. It’s not always easy to create or sustain routines alone. So, this fall we are inviting pastors and their families to join a community that will strive toward healthy habits through the free Rev’d Up! fitness challenge.

Starting September 3rd and ending on October 6th, Rev’d Up! is a five-week challenge focused on basic physical activity. We invite you to join us through walking, running, swimming, hiking, weightlifting, fitness classes, chores (like push mowing the yard or raking), or whatever other activity gets you moving throughout the day. Our hope is to help all of us worship God with the way we steward our bodies.

There are both men’s and women’s categories in three areas: most miles run/walked, most minutes active, and most days exercised within the five weeks. Gift card prizes will be awarded for first and second places in each category.

The challenge will finish with a celebratory 1.5-mile race for all who can attend the 2019 Kay Hall Hike for Hunger at Heart+Hand Outreach Ministries in South Charleston on October 6th! You do not have to be present at the race to win a prize…It’s simply an opportunity to come together and celebrate health and to support one of our Conference Missions Projects! (We know many of our pastors will still be on the Israel trip, but you need not worry. Those days of walking the Holy Land count as well!)

Sign up online today and get started for free! Each week participants will fill out a simple form to track movement. You can use your fitness tracker or mobile phone health app to keep an accurate record of your activity.

Reporting is by the honor system. There is also a Facebook group for Rev’d Up! where you can find healthy tips for exercise, nutrition, and encouragement.

If you have any questions or want some help getting started or finding the movement that works best for you, contact Rev. Lauren Weaver.

Sign up here to get into the challenge.

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