Disability Awareness Dates for April


I hope everyone is enjoying the spring weather and having a blessed Lenten season as we prepare ourselves for the Resurrection of our Lord. As we do that, there are many activities that go with the season. Let us be mindful to make sure that we plan accordingly to include all persons no matter what and be thinking of any accommodations that may need to be made to include all.

As we look at April, we have just one awareness day: April 2, World Autism Awareness Day. There are many places to find information but one of the best is autismspeaks.org. I would also invite you to check out the newly revamped website form the UM Disability Committee, umcdmc.org there was an article about it in the March 26 edition of the Daily News Digest, so check it out.

As always if there is anything that you may need info on or anything else check out the conference website or give me a shout out. God bless, Michael Ludle