Update: Celebration of Mission Event donations top $100k!


Update: Since the original publishing of this article on Oct. 1, 2018, additional funds have been received that now push Celebration of Mission Event donations past $100,000!

Through June 30 (the most recent figures available), the cash funds received by the Conference Treasurer from the 2018 Celebration of Mission Event total $97,053.54.

The Celebration of Mission Event gifts from local churches, individual members and district events have enabled a distribution of $9,800.00 to each of the seven Conference Mission Projects and Volunteers in Mission, and $4,900.00 to each of our two Church and Community Ministries. In addition, the Events provided 10% of the Undesignated Funds, or $8,853.54, for the Conference Mission Projects Trust Fund managed by the United Methodist Foundation, from which the Conference Mission Projects receive an annual distribution ($939.60 in 2018).

In addition to the cash gifts, tangible gifts with an estimated value of $35,000.00 were donated by local churches at the District Celebration of Mission Events.

Churches and individuals may continue sending COME donations to the Conference Treasurer through December 31, when another distribution will be made to our Conference Mission Ministries.

The Celebration of Mission Event Team is extremely grateful for  the churches and individuals across the Annual Conference that have worked really hard to provide these mission funds. We are particularly grateful for the leadership of the District COME Coordinators, and for the support of Conference and District Offices.  On behalf of our Conference Mission Ministries and the multitude of persons they assist in the name of Christ, we express our genuine appreciation.

To get an early start on 2019, we offer the following vital suggestions:

  1. Volunteer to serve on your District Committee to work with the District Coordinator.  (The more churches represented in planning and implementing, the better.)
  2. Request your local church to include the Celebration of Mission Event in its budget.
  3. Encourage your local church, classes and groups to plan and implement fund raisers.  We are discovering that unless churches raise the fundsbefore the day of the EVENT, cash gifts are very low at the District Event.
  4. Check the Conference Website for updates as they are available.

Thank you again for your past and continued support for the Celebration of Mission Event.  The Celebration of Mission Event provides churches and individuals a way to be actively and vitally involved in the work of Christ on earth, even in places and with persons they may never see.  Please know that you are greatly appreciated.

Grace and peace to you all,

Belinda Toms and Cliff Schell

WV Conference COME Co-Coordinators