Potomac Highlands District offers ERT Training

By Cheryl George

Readiness is one of the steps of Disaster Preparation that happens way before a disaster happens. That’s why Revs. Dan & Sue Lowther were in the Potomac Highlands District on Saturday, March 17th. Eighteen people received Early Response Team Training and will be prepared when the next disaster happens.

The training not only gives certification to serve as an ERT member but also emphasizes the reasons we as the church respond. The task is not as important as the story, according to Dan. We are not only there to help in the initial stages of a disaster, but we are there to listen, to hear the stories, to offer a sympathetic presence in the worst times of peoples’ lives.

Readiness begins with having people ready as well as the equipment, supplies and other resources necessary to respond quickly to a disaster. What can you do?

  • Prepare flood buckets, health kits, and school kits and bring them to Annual Conference;
  • Give to the Conference Disaster funds #920;
  • Get trained and prepared;
  • Volunteer at the New Vision Depot

Contact your Conference Disaster Response Leaders for more information.   

Rev. Dan Lowther: 304-642-0897 (c)                  Rev. Sue Lowther: 304-642-0896 (c)