MonValley and Little Kanawha welcome new District Superintendents

By WV UMC Admin

The MonValley District and Little Kanawha District held special installation services to welcome their new District Superintendents.

MonValley District Welcomes Rev. Rick Sale
by Rachel Brosky
A large congregation gathered at Woodland United Methodist Church in Morgantown Saturday, July 23, to welcome the new MonValley District Superintendent, Rev. Rick Sale.

Bishop Sandra Steiner Ball led the installation service and presented Sale with the Signs of District Superintendency.

The bishop praised Rev. Sale for his compassion, humility, and ability to bring people to the church.

Creating foundations was a theme of the service, comparing the foundation to be built for a new chapter in the district to how Jesus built the foundation for the new church after He rose from the dead.

Sale gave his first sermon about how the church is like a shepherd, needing to guide and protect the Lord’s sheep.

Woodland is a familiar place for the D.S. and his wife, Carol Markstrom, as they had previously served there. Several members of the church were there to welcome him to his new role.

Rev. Sale succeeds Rev. Rick DeQuasie as District Superintendent. for the MonValley District.


Little Kanawha District Welcomes Rev. Rick DeQuasie
By Rev. Jonathan Nettles

On Sunday, July 24, the Bishop referred to Rick’s installation and the gifts of a Bible, a towel and bowl/basin, and a chalice and paten (and shared the meaning behind each). Many District Superintendents were present, along with pastors and laity from various congregations throughout the district to celebrate.

Rick shared that his journey began with serving an 8-point charge in the district (Wirt County) under Rossing Smith and that this appointment is “coming home.” He has been in pastoral ministry for 44 years. Rick was clearly thankful for the welcome and support of so many and shared that he prays for the Cabinet and church daily. Rick believes in the educational fund, and is also a firm supporter of the Conference’s emphasis on “deploy.” He shared that networking works and people are looking for God. He encouraged us in missional giving and focusing on others, and reminded us that it’s about God and God’s Kingdom. Rick shared that his favorite verse is Phil. 4:13, and also shared the Scripture he will be using at charge conference – Luke 10.