Litanies for Pentecost Sunday

By WV UMC Admin

Litany 1:
Resurrection begins with ashes and dust
And is made complete with Spirit and flame.
Renewal abounds and celebration flows
Even amidst accusations
From those who can’t hear the utterances of God.
Instead they hear nonsense, but the gospel spills out anyway.
The Church is born.
The Church persists.

We still speak in ways contrary to easy understanding.
Proclaiming in visions and prophecies that
Relationship cracks through brokenness;
Hope has power over addiction;
Love forgives hate;
The Messiah died and lives again.
The Church is born.
The Church persists.

The Spirit does more than appear from time to time.
It adopts the disciples of Christ,
Strengthens and guides them,
Inspires and awakens them.
Even now. Even here.
The Church is born.
The Church persists.

We’ve been told, and sometimes believe,
We are not good enough,
We have not been blessed,
Decline is inevitable, and yet, in West Virginia
Attendance is higher this year than last,
Professions of faith have increased 10%
And 1,274 baptisms testify to our truth:
The Church is born.
The Church persists.

God is at work and we are grateful.
We are ready to receive the grace given,
Ready to awe at the signs and wonders
Ready to break bread with glad hearts. Amen.

Litany 2:
Pentecost witnesses flame where there were once ashes.
Upon our heads God both scorches and blesses, but revival is born of ashes.
Resurrection clings to death.
Celebration flows from unexpected places.
With grateful hearts we sing God’s praises.
Thank you, God,
For the Church and its presence in West Virginia,
Where United Methodist are enlivened by the Spirit to do holy work.
Thank you, God,
For empowering us to speak against the stronghold of addiction,
So that we might bring grace where it has felt long gone.
Thank you, God,
For strengthening us to stand in the midst of natural disaster,
And speak a word of healing and hope.
Thank you, God,
For guiding us to speak honestly about our disagreements,
So that we may grow in mercy and wisdom.
Thank you, God,
For adding to our numbers
Through increased worship attendance, professions of faith and baptisms in 2015.
Thank you, God,
For believing that we can be the sacred vessels of your divine will.
Thank you, God,
For being present at our growing edges.
Thank you, God,
For loving us so that we may have life, and live it abundantly. Amen.

*Both Litanies written by Krysta Rexrode Wolfe

Also, please feel free to use and enjoy this wonderful sermon and hymn submitted by Rev. Thomas Nolan of Westmoreland UMC in Huntinton:

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