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Whatever Happened to Holy Conferencing?

How can we maintain community in the midst of differing opinions? This question holds great relevance for our church as we face an uncertain future, and I was pleased to see it addressed at the 2015 Clergy School. Bishop Sandra Steiner Ball, Rev. Tim Craig (guest preacher), and Dr. Mary Elizabeth Moore (presenter) all explored the issue and suggested helpful and grace-filled ways of embracing our differences. 


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Daily Advent Devotionals - 2015

This devotional was compiled by the Laity of the West Virginia Conference of The United Methodist Church.
Please meditate on each daily reading and pray for God’s Spirit to direct your life in a special way during this Advent Season. 

Clergy School Preview

Fried oreos at the McDowell County Fair - and - cultivating the heart of Christ, even when we disagree. Read Rev. Scott Sears interview with Rev. Tim Craig, who will be the preacher at this year's Clergy School, October 13-15.

Join me in a Day of Hope

"A Day of Hope" will kick off an ecumenical effort led by the West Virginia Council of Churches to reduce substance abuse in West Virginia. Mark your calendars for Sept. 13.