2018 Appointments and Assignments

Bishop Sandra Steiner Ball announces the following appointments and assignments, effective July 1, 2018, unless otherwise noted.

Appointment Status Charge District From District Succeeding Comment Effective
Theodore Bessey LP No. Elkins WL Friendsville PH Randy Mitchell Good Shepherd – Mason Co. July 1, 2018
Kara Phillippi PTLP Westmoreland WT Frenchton WL Tom Nolan North Ravenswood & North Jackson July 1, 2018
Scott Mapes 346.1 Colliers NO Church of the Nazarene Don Stilgenbauer Clendenin July 1, 2018
Etheldean Yanero FE-R East View WL retired July 1, 2018
Jay Bunting LP Blackwater PH Talcott GR Neil Parsons St. John’s, Parsons July 1, 2018
David Hall FE Valley Chapel – Benton Ferry MV St. John, Spencer LK Andrew Tennant First Sistersville & Friendly July 1, 2018
Todd Hurley LP Wayne WT Pen – Del AC Devin Olachea Going to school July 1, 2018
Randy Mitchell PE Good Shepherd – Mason Co. WT No. Elkins WS Matt Dotson Good Shepherd in Grafton July 1, 2018
Don Stilgenbauer PE Clendenin MS Colliers NO Scott Ferguson Potomac Highlands District July 1, 2018
Jonathan Acord AS Hoyes-McHenry PH Eastern Mennonite Seminary student Jonathan Moon Christ Church, Assoc. July 1, 2018
Anne Pruett-Barnett FE-TIM St. Marks MS Pen-Del Annual Conference Monty Brown retiring July 1, 2018
Gage Rewerts AS Smith Chapel – Trinity WL Asbury Theological Seminary Sam Cale IV Lumberport-Otterbein July 1, 2018
Andrew Tennant FE First Sistersville & Friendly NO Valley Chapel – Benton Ferry MV Tim Kelley Wellsburg-Franklin July 1, 2018
Marybeth Chien LP Trinity-Waldon PH Duff St. – Associate WL Steve Grimes retiring July 1,  2018
Dustin and Natasha DeBord LP Mason Charge WT Asbury Theological Seminary Jeff Mayfield Crossroads July 1,  2018
Scott Ferguson FE District Supt. – Potomac Highlands PH Clendenin MS Mike Estep Suncrest July 1,  2018
Tim Kelley FE Wellsburg-Franklin NO First Sistersville NO Carl Tribett St. John’s, Spencer July 1,  2018
Tom Nolan FE No. Ravenswood & No. Jackson LK Westmoreland WT Don Maxson retiring July 1,  2018
Matt Dotson FE Church of the Good Shepherd MV Good Shepherd WT Kelly Martin Union July 1,  2018
Scott Ingleton FE Ft. Ashby PH Linside GR Sara Lamb Wayside July 1,  2018
Neil Parsons  LP St. John’s, Parsons PH Blackwater PH Phil Dent retiring July 1,  2018
Carl Tribett FE St. John, Spencer LKD Franklin-Wellsburg N0 David Hall St. John, Spencer July 1,  2018
Sam Cale IV FE Lumberport-Otterbein MV Smith Chapel WL Brad Blanchard medical leave July 1,  2018
Ken Krimmel FE Oak Hill SO Director of Connectional Ministry LK Charles Miller Earl July 1,  2018
Kelly Martin FE Union GR Good Shepherd MV Frank Naglic retiring July 1,  2018
Jonathan Moon FE Christ Church, Assoc. MS Hoyes-McHenry PH vacancy vacancy July 1,  2018
Charles Miller FE Earl GR Oak Hill SO Paul Mateer St. Peter’s – Trinity July 1,  2018
Sharon Miller FE St. Luke’s, Craigsville , & Faith , Richwood GR Oak Hill – Associate SO Corbet May & Jay Cook Bethel/Spanishburg & realignment July 1,  2018
Karen Tate FE Westover MV Camden-Cowen-Craigsville GR Rose “Jo” McCartney retiring July 1,  2018
Nathan Weaver PE Quiet Dell WL Asbury Seminary Brian Boley Calvary – Mt. Clare July 1,  2018
Brian Boley LP Calvary – Mt. Clare WL Quiet Dell WL Brian Plum Quiet Dell July 1,  2018
Mike Estep FE Suncrest MV Potomac Highlands – District Supt. PH Tim Halloran Lewisburg July 1,  2018
Corbet May FE Bethel-Spanishburg SO St. Luke’s, Craigsville GR Gerald Kincaid retiring July 1,  2018
Jeff Mayfield AM Crossroads LK Mason WT Judy Vetter retiring July 1,  2018
Tim Halloran FE Lewisburg GR Suncrest MV Rick Brown LOA July 1,  2018
Paul Mateer FE St. Peter’s & Trinity MS Earl GR Barry Moll retiring July 1,  2018
Brian Plum LP Broad St. WL Calvary – Mt. Clare WL Richard Justice retiring July 1,  2018
Krysta Rexrode-Wolfe FE Cross Lanes MS St. Andrews, St. Albans, Associate MS Gary Nelson retiring July 1,  2018
Amy Shanholtzer FE MonValley MV Conference Staff MS Rick Sale retiring July 1,  2018
Sara Lamb FE Wayside LK Fort Ashby PH Rick DeQuasie interim July 1,  2018
Neil Leftwich FE – 346.1 Spruce St. MV Desert SW – District Superintendent Tim Allen retiring July 1,  2018
Christopher Scott FE Winfield MS WVWC, Chaplain WL Tom Hill retiring Feb. 1, 2018
Vickie Minnich PTLP-R Swanton-Kitzmiller Charge PH Carl Lee Dec. 1, 2017
Anna Efaw PTLP Aurora Charge PH South Fork Charge PH open January 1, 2018
Aaron Himes AS South Fork Charge PH Anna Efaw Aurora January 1, 2018
Kevin Keplinger AS Rowlesburg Charge PH Kathryn White January 1, 2018
Scott Ferguson FE Clendenin – Burke MS Clendenin MS realignment January 1, 2018