At Pentecost, God gave us God’s spirit so that we could, in turn, share the spiritual awakening and the invitation to eternal life to all people. God empowered us to multiply the good news, to make it contagious. To make it happen! Remember, this is what the goal of 2,400+ is all about. Reaching people for Christ! Multiplying the Good News!

There are 2,400 + people in our communities who are not yet acquainted with the Christ who brings hope and life. God has given us the gift of God’s Spirit so that we might continue to be the body of Christ for the world today.

Prayerfully ask yourself:

  • What are your gifts from the Spirit?
  • Have you claimed your spiritual awakening so that you might awaken others to Christ’s presence and invitation to salvation?
  • Are you ready to allow God to fill you and use you in all those ordinary times in all those ordinary, everyday places

Remember – God is calling on and counting on us to make it happen. In the midst of everything else that grabs our attention in this world, won’t you make it your priority to reach more people for Christ and disciple them in Christ’s way.

There are 2,400+ people in our communities who are not yet acquainted with the Christ
who brings hope and life. Bishop Sandra Steiner Ball

For next steps and resources to help your church nurture disciples who follow in the way of Christ click here.
We celebrate these faith communities who have made it a priority to reach more people for Christ and disciple them in Christ’s way!

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Doddridge Parish –  Little Kanawha District

The Holy Spirit moved in a mighty way during Youth Camp 2015 sponsored by the Doddridge Parish.

As they gathered at the pool to baptize two other youth, the Holy Spirit started moving in a huge way. Youth started falling to their knees and receiving Jesus as their Savior; a parent who had been discouraging her daughter in her Christian walk was convicted by the Holy Spirit and cried out for forgiveness and was Baptized; another parent rededicated her life to Christ; yet another who had been wanting Baptized but was waiting for a time when her elderly Grandmother could attend felt the drawing and stepped into the water; even one of the Life Guards came forward! A total of 32 youth and 3 adults were baptized, while another adult remembered her baptism.

Mt. Union UMC – Morgantown, WV

The east Morgantown cooperative parish helps Mt. Union UMC paint and repair their building as they welcome new visitors from the community! We are better together.

There were two workdays; one to paint sanctuary, the other to paint outside. They also repaired floors and plumbing. They celebrated with a Pentecost parish celebration on May 15 at Mt. Union.


Temple UMC – Beckley, WV

This is a picture of the church family of Temple UMC, Beckley, putting nutritional snacks in lunch bags to be distributed (weekly) to 625 children in nine local elementary schools for consumption over the weekends. The ministry is called F.O.L.K. (Feeding Our Local Kids). It has been in place three academic calendar years, including the current year. The funding comes from church family gifts (individuals, the C4 ministry – an exercise ministry similar to that of Cross Fit – donations come to that ministry & the leader directs some of those funds to F.O.L.K.), grants & gifts from outside the church family.


First UMC – Parsons, WV

At the First United Methodist Church in Parsons, WV, we are using overlapping ministries to reach out into the community with help, support, encouragement, and healing. Our food pantry distributes every Wednesday afternoon and serves about 150 families a month, as well as answering the need for emergency food. We serve a community meal, “Free Friday,” every last Friday evening of the month. Every third Sunday evening, we have an ecumenical “Service of Healing Prayer.” Those who come to the Food Pantry and Free Friday are prayed with as a group and healing prayer is offered to those requesting it. These ministries, and others, create an opportunity for fellowship and witnessing. For some folks, these three ministries have been stepping stones into the life of the church.

Beverly Hills UMC – Beverly Hills, WV

Easter Sunday there were two new (Adult) members, seven confirmands baptized, and a family of five baptized.

First UMC – Huntington, WV

Now in its fourth year, Helpington is a ministry of local churches in Huntington as they reach out into a neighborhood to be the hands, feet, and voice of Christ. On Sunday morning, April 24, about 200 workers of all ages gathered at 8:00 am at the First United Methodist Church for worship. Participants were divided into teams who then moved into the Central City area of Huntington to provide service to the community.

Workers weeded flowerbeds, mowed and edged lawns, painted, and other work at households through the community. The churches already have a relationship with the Central City Elementary School through a weekly backpack ministry that feeds 240 each week. At the school, volunteers repainted playground maps, planted new flowerbeds, re-graveled a walkway, and other yard and lawn work. Members of the community were invited to join with the workers for lunch at the school. Churches involved included Johnson Memorial United Methodist Church, Fifth Avenue Baptist Church, First Presbyterian Church, First United Methodist Church, and Westmoreland Baptist Church.

Workers wear an orange Helpington t-shirt. It was wonderful to see a sea of orange in worship. One of our First UMC members offered, “It was wonderful to look down a city block and see all these children, youth, and adults in their orange shirts working together and sharing Christ’s love.”


Youth from CrossLanes UMC have been engaged in a journey not merely to learn about God, but more importantly, to get to know God.

Through class work, service, worship, a “mystery journey,” and more they reached the point of making personal decisions for Christ.

Twenty-three of the youth were baptized or confirmed, and received as members of CLUMC in their journey to become Christ’s disciples.