The 12 Days of Christmas

Keeping A Holy Christmas

My annual rant and concern at Christmas time is that our secular, cultural, and “nostalgic” Christmas builds up through television and the marketplace to the “12 days of Christmas” (or even 24 on the TV) and December 25 comes along; and, you hear the voices, have the feelings – “it’s over!”

And yet, the Twelve Days of Christmas (and I am not singing the song) have just begun. My spiritual goal for these special holy days is to share my reflections. I begin with Christmas evening, and then each day of Christmas I invite you to join me as we reflect on this holy season.

Thank you, God, for becoming one of us – for the gift of salvation through your gift of Jesus!"

I invite you to join me in observing and reflecting on “A Holy Christmas” for the next 12 days!

William H. Wilson (Bill)+
Retired Elder, West Virginia Conference, UMC
Benedictine Oblate

Please click on the image or the link below each image to read Bill's Daily Reflection. 


The First Day of Christmas
December 25th

Holy Christmas Day


The Second Day of Christmas
December 26th

The Feast of St Stephen


The Third Day of Christmas,
December 27th

Feast of the Holy Family


The Fourth Day of Christmas
December 28th

Feast of the Holy Innocents


The Fifth Day of Christmas
December 29th

Feast of St Thomas Becket


The Sixth Day of Christmas
December 30th

Feast of St John 


The Seventh Day of Christmas
December 31st

New Year's Eve
A New Year's Examen


The 8th Day of Christmas
January 1, 2021

New Year's Day
Covenant Renewal


The Ninth Day of Christmas
January 2, 2021

The Rule of St Benedict


The Tenth Day of Christmas
January 3rd

Feast of the Holy Name of Jesus


The Eleventh Day of Christmas
January 4th

Our Methodist Heritage


The Twelfth Day of Christmas
January 5th

Twelfth Night


January 6th

Old Christmas

Thank you for joining us on this journey through the 12 Days of Christmas! 
A special word of thanks to Bill Wilson for providing the daily reflections.