Redistricting Resolution

2022 Redistricting Resolution Supporting Materials

In 1995, a resolution was introduced at Annual Conference to restructure from 11 districts in the WVAC to the present 9 districts. In 1996, the transition to 9 districts was completed. The conference has continued to function with 9 geographical districts for the last 26 years. At that time, the WVAC was made up of 597 charges consisting of a total of 1,382 churches.

Our 9 geographical districts are currently made up of 503 charges and 974 churches. For the last year, 8 superintendents have covered 9 geographical districts. If the redistricting resolution is approved at the 2022 Annual Conference then effective  July 1, 2022, there will be 7 superintendents supervising the remaining districts. The following information illustrates the transition plans and timelines for the proposed transitioning to 7 geographical districts.

Conference Superintendents and the Churches they supervise listed Alphabetically by Superintendent

Conference Superintendents and the Churches they supervise listed  Alphabetically Church Name 

The above lists reflect proposed changes effective 7/1/22.


July 1, 2022 – 7 Geographical Districts will be supervised by 7 Conference Superintendents

    1. Greenbrier – Wesleyan
    2. Little Kanawha
    3. Midland South - Western
    4. MonValley
    5. Northern
    6. Potomac Highlands
    7. Southern

Churches and charges in each of the 7 districts have been reconfigured. Please see the church list included with this FAQ.

Late summer-fall 2022 – 7 District Conferences will be held to act on all matters necessary to care for leadership and finances for the newly aligned districts

December 2022 – January 2023 – Local churches will submit year-end reports and payments to the district in which they were aligned on January 1, 2022.  This includes District Funds, Fund Balance, and Membership Audit.

January 2023 – Churches fully transition to alignment with the new district for supervision and reporting.


FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions
  • Where will the District Offices be located?

District offices will function as regional hubs for information, drop off and pick up of materials. If a physical location is closer or on the way to another destination, items can be dropped off in a different office. Please touch base with your district office to let them know in advance. In some districts, the superintendents will keep more than one office. Offices designated below with an asterisk will be staffed with an Administrative Assistant. These will be the offices to receive mail and phone calls. Materials being dropped off in person can be received at whichever location is most convenient.

      • Greenbrier-Wesleyan District -
        • *21 Latham Street, Buckhannon 26201
        • 66 Groves Rd, Canvas, WV 26662
      • Little Kanawha District
        • *3301 Broad Street, Parkersburg, WV 26104
      • Midland South – Western
        • Mailing address: PO Box 866, Charleston, WV 25323
          *900 Washington St, E, Charleston, WV, 2nd floor
        • Johnson Memorial UMC, 513, 10th St, Huntington, WV
      • MonValley District
        • Mailing address: PO Box 307, Kingmont, WV 26578
        • *3000 Technology Drive, Fairmont, WV 26554
      • Northern District
        • *Methodist Building, 1060 Chapline St, Room 111, Wheeling, WV 26003
      • Potomac Highlands District
        • * 97 Goldsborough Ave, Romney, WV 26575
      • Southern District
        • *213 South Heber St, Beckley, WV 25801

*Denotes offices where District Administrative Assistants are located.

  • What happens to district lay leadership?

    District Transition Teams will begin the nominations process for leaders in each newly aligned district. These will be presented at District Conference in the late summer or fall.

Greenbrier-Wesleyan District Transition Team – Bev Columbo, David Wayne, Elizabeth Lott, Brandon Moll, Carmen LaRue, Paul Rebelo, Kristi Wilkerson, Jim Minutelli, Belinda Toms

Little Kanawha District - Rev. Rod Blanchard, Pam Braden, Rev. Cindy Eakle, Rev. John Hardman, Jeff Matheny, Rev. Brian Plum, Rev. Ford Price, Nancy Ray, Todd Ritchie, Rich Shaffer

Midland South-Western District - Shannon Blosser, Terry Deane, Ashleigh Wood, Robert Fulton, George Hohmann, Christy Berty, Kerry Bart, Claudia Fizer, Danny Kinder, Bill Wilson

MonValley District Transition Team – Mary Bane, Larry Buckland, Bob Cover, Linda Friend, Sam Haught, Martha Ognibene, Steve Prince, David Stilgenbauer, Lynn Ritter, Brian Seders

Northern District Transition Team - Neil Leftwich, Peggy Klages, Tim Kelley, Scott Mapes, Rick Hyre, Sharon Miller, Connie Macek, Liz Hartman, Bill Dawson, Gayle Lesure, Brenda Ludolph

Potomac Highlands District Transition Team - Norma Bowyer, Brandi Greene, Melissa Brewer, Mark Sprouse, Melissa Rank, Gina Palmer, Robert Oakley, Connie Trickett, Steve Bailes, Terry Lynn Bailes, Paul White, Chris Wyatt, Pam Todd.

Southern District Transition Team - Chip Bennett, Betsy Evans, Tim Shuff, Eva Faulkner, Gary Hartsog, John Quesenberry, Judy Pysell, Kim Felix, Lacy Watson, Laura Fygetakes, Michelle Brown, Rick Crawford, Robert Baer Jr., Scott Mayberry

  • Where can I see the new district map?    
    Click here to see the new district map with district offices labeled.
  • Where will churches pay their District Promotional Funds in 2022?
    Churches should plan to pay their District Promotional Funds and Education/World Service Funds in full to the geographic district to which they were aligned on January 1, 2022. These were distributed in charge conferences or at year-end in 2021. If you have questions, please contact the district office to which you currently relate.

    Starting January 2023, District Promotional Funds should be sent to the new district.

  • What happens to district assets in areas being realigned?  
     The District Transition Teams will work together to carefully examine district funds and assets in their new areas. They will give attention to the original documents that define the funds and care for properties. The Conference Fiscal Policies and CFA will also assist in guiding the transfer of assets.
  • What about Charge Conference 2022
            Charge conferences will meet as scheduled by the Superintendent of the new district.
  • Currently, I’m being supervised by a superintendent of another geographical district. If the resolution passes, who will be my superintendent?   
     The Superintendent of the newly aligned district will be your superintendent. The district realignments will help bring clarity for all of us.

Download a PDF of the Redistricting Resolution supporting materials here.