What to do about Communion Sunday?

The Sacraments of Communion and Baptism are essential in the life of our churches.  But life and protecting the most vulnerable must be our main concern as we battle against Coronavirus, Covid-19.  
Fortunately, as United Methodists, there are alternatives! Read more below. 

Bishop Steiner Ball has said she does not encourage or support the practice of online communion. “This Holy Mystery: A United Methodist Understanding of Holy Communion,” is found in our 2016 Book of Resolutions and contains our United Methodist understanding and practice of Communion.  

This question of online or cyberspace celebration of Communion was previously addressed by United Methodist Leadership. At a meeting of a group of United Methodist Bishops, (September 30- October 1, 2013) there was a call for a moratorium on all online sacramental practices.     

While there are a variety of conversations about on line Communion and various opinions related to this discussion, Bishop Steiner Ball suggests the use of the Love Feast whose history and liturgy are found in our United Methodist Book of Worship.

Three additional resources are a Love Feast ritual from Dr. Danker, Wesley Seminary, A Shelter in Place love feast written by Rev. Mike Johnson, and a ritual for the Love Feast written by Dr. Marcia McFee. 

Bishop Steiner Ball also suggests other means of grace that can be done with integrity and in accordance with our Wesleyan theological understanding such as Renewal and Reaffirmation of Baptism and Healing Services and Prayers.