Local Church Communications

Tips and tools for local churches to be better able to communicate in this era of Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Check back often, and if there is something missing, please email us and we will do our best to help you figure out your question!


Live Stream worship services, daily devotions and more. We will each find ways to reach our communities using a variety of technologies.

It's important that we remember those who are Disabled as we plan worship and on-line gatherings. Here's an article with suggestions that local churches can enact today to ensure that everyone is able to participate!

Resources for Worship and Personal Devotion

Follow this link for updated worship resources from Ministry Matters.

Follow this link for the latest resources from UMC Discipleship.

Follow this link for free music downloads from UMC Discipleship. These are from our United Methodist Hymnals and are available free of cost!

Follow this link for Bishop Sandra's Holy Week study. (There is a limited number of printed copies at each District Office)

Remember that the WVUMC Laity have Lenten daily devotions delivered by email and also found here.

Walking with Jesus reflections continue each Sunday. Follow this link for Lenten Reflections based on the lectionary. 

Follow this link for worship resources from the Calvin Institute.

Resources for Video and/or Audio Conferencing

While there is a place for Facebook live or YouTube, when you want to gather with your small group or congregation face to face you might want to try using video conferencing.

Check out Zoom or Google Meet (an updated version of Google Hangouts) for those times when you want to see each other - but still practice social distancing.

Brad Bennett, MonValley District, uses Zoom frequently and wrote this step by step guide for Zoom beginners.

Here is a resource from Zoom with pictures!

Resources for Live Streaming Worship

Follow this link for an article from United Methodist Communications outlining basics of On-line Worship.

Follow this link for live streaming and music licensing guidelines written by United Methodist Communications, Ask UMC.

Ready to take your Live Worship to the next level? Here's video from Wesley UMC, Morgantown, that shares how to stream your Zoom call using OBS.

What's OBS you ask? Well, watch this video and learn OBS in 30 minutes!

Articles with helpful ideas for local church communications

Follow this link from UM News Service about Small Churches who are leading the way in the midst of the Corona Virus crisis. WVUMC clergy are highlighted!

Follow this link for an article from Ministry Matters about resources and tips for rural congregations.

Follow this link for some ideas for local churches that don't begin with on-line worship, by an assistant professor of Discipleship and Christian Formation.