The first distributions of 2023 Celebration of Mission Event cash funds were recently given to the ten Conference Mission Ministries supported by the Celebration of Mission Event.  The distribution of $62,807.70 included all funds received for the support of COME from January 1 – June 30, 2023.  The totals included $19,776.86 in designated funds directed to a specific ministry and $43,030.84 given as undesignated funds, thereby providing an equal distribution to all of the participating ministries.

Each of the seven WV Conference Mission Projects, the New Vision Depot, and Volunteers in Mission received equal shares of $6,130.00 to support their ministries.  The Clarksburg Parish Church and Community Ministry received a one-half share of $3,065.00.  In addition, 10% of the undesignated gifts was placed in the Conference Mission Projects Trust Fund, which is administered by the UM Foundation.

Cash contributions to the 2023 Celebration of Mission Event are approximately $14,000.00 less than 2022 through June 30.  Celebration of Mission Event remittances may be sent to the Conference Treasurer by churches and/or individuals through December 31, when a second distribution will be made.  A remittance form can be downloaded from the 2023 Celebration of Mission Event Booklet online at the conference and district websites.

The next conference-wide appeal for Celebration of Mission Event funds will be on NATIONAL COFFEE DAY – SEPTEMBER 29.  We are requesting that each person give the cost they would pay for a cup of coffee on or near that date.  Donations should be made through the local churches and are recommended to be given as “undesignated” gifts so the proceeds can be shared equally among all the Conference Mission Ministries.

Thank you for your continued support of our Conference Mission Ministries through the Celebration of Mission Event.  By your gifts, you assist many children of God who turn to our missions for help with special needs.