Fall Workshop: Praying with and for our students

By WV UMC Admin

“At Fall Workshop, I learned so much about my relationship with God and grew in faith. I learned new ways to connect with Him and to pray. It was such an awesome experience, and I had so much fun meeting new people!” Katie Howard, Senior from Madison UMC.

When the Conference Council on Youth Ministry chose a theme for Fall Workshop this year, they decided on “This is Our Prayer” and created an event to teach students new ways to pray. Students learned to pray using prayer stations, walking a prayer labyrinth, and spending time sharing their concerns with their cabin mates. They wrote prayers on large pieces of paper, offered gifts to God’s kingdom while forming symbolic items with play dough, confessed concerns on dissolvable paper, and turned them over to God by dissolving them in water.

Students’ prayers will be shared through the WVUMC Prays Facebook page; join us in praying with our students!

  • I pray that everyone stays safe during hunting season.
  • Lord help me to feel cared about and heard; help me to be at rest and to be calm as well as slow to anger.
  • I pray for the people in Ukraine and to keep them safe in these hard times.
  • Dear God, I hope if I’m struggling, you will help me, and I will help those who are struggling too!
  • Lord, Reunite my broken family. In you, all things are made new.

Our students showed up full-hearted to this event. They shared deeply and trusted God and one another to hold their problems. Walking alongside our young people and helping them grow as disciples of Jesus Christ is a blessing and a responsibility. Talk to a student in your church or community and see how you can pray for them.

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Save the date for Fall Workshop next year, November 17-19, 2023.